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May 16, 2013 at 09:14 PM

Using Program RHALTD00 to load Qualifications to Job Relationships


Hi All,

I am following the guide below to upload legacy data via program RHALTD00.

The goal is to create a relationship between the Qualification and the Job objects of the Organizational structure as well as to the load the Job requirement level.

For example, a Manager (Job) will have the Qualification of MBA which has a two point scale of Yes/No. The Manager Job will have a requirement of Yes for Qualificaiton MBA. This example essentially is trying to create the relationship MBA to Manager along with the required proficiency of Yes.

I have come across a problem for the upload of Infotype 1001 (Relationships) regarding the Qualifications to Job relationship. Typically, you will use structure E1P1001 to load any organizational relationship. The problem with this structure is that it does not allow you to load the proficiency/requirement for the job since it is only replicating the HRP1001 structure.

In order to load this information, data needs to be populated in the Additional Data table, HRPAD31. SAP provides a structure for this, E1PAD31.

This structure in theory would allow for the load of the requirements for the Job (E1PAD31-CHARA) as the requirements are populated in the additional data table HRPAD31. However, each time I attempt to load this under RHALTD00, the load errors out. While stepping through the session, I discovered that the BDC is combining the Related Object (E1PAD31-SOBID), which is the qualification's Object ID, with the requirement (E1PAD31-CHARA).

Is program RHALTD00 capable of loading information to the additional data table HRPAD31? Or is there some other program that should be utilized in order to achieve this. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.