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May 16, 2013 at 01:04 PM

SAP eREC- EHP4- ALE issue not creating NA,BP objects for few EEs


Hello All,

We have standalone SAP eREC system and ALE is working fine for about 90% employees. We are on EHP4. We recently noticed that for few new hire employees as well as old employees the system is not creating NA, BP objects at all. But if we looked at HRP5585 (emails), it is creating 0001/0010 (user ID and email). What we end up doing is running PFAL for all the effective employees and noticed that system has created NA,BP objects as well.

We want to solve this issue, because most of the time our HRBPs tells us, this person does not exist, although She/he hired last week and we manually run ALE.

We have a running system which is working fine for about 90% of the people; we want to see why it is not working for 10%. Please share your experiences and thoughts so we can nail down the issue and fixed it.

We have configured distribution model correctly, have BADIs implemented and switch are also on that is why it is working for 90% folks, but still if you want us to check something we could!

We are also hesitate to run HRSYNCH program because it will over-write our authorization to reference user. Some of our HRBPs has eREC admin role and they have changed people roles as well and we saw running SYNCH re-set their reference users roles.


Saquib Khan, PMP

- SuccessFactors Mastery Certified Consultant