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May 16, 2013 at 09:41 AM

Enabling Trace for BRFplus Calls



I'm facing the following issue and I hope someone can suggest a solution:

I want to enable trace for BRFplus function calls I make out of ABAP in order to see the execution log later. I call the function with the following code:

iv_trace_mode = if_fdt_constants=>gc_trace_mode_lean
iv_function_id = lv_function_id
io_context = lo_context
iv_timestamp = lv_timestamp
ea_result = <fs_result>
eo_trace = lo_trace
lo_lean_trace ?= lo_trace.
lo_lean_trace->save( ).

This gives me an exception in the save-method because the returned trace is in technical mode, although I requested lean mode in the process-call.

Supplied trace mode contradicts supplied trace instance

I checked the function with FDT_LEAN_TRACE_READY_CHECK and it says the function is lean trace ready. I tried gs_trace_mode_lean_required as an alternative, and now, I already get an exception in the process call:

Processing in generation mode is currently not possible

That leads to two question:

1) What is it that I'm missing to make the lean trace mode work?

2) If I can't get the lean mode working, is there a way to persist the technical trace so I can look at it in the workbench? I didn't find a class with a save-method