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May 16, 2013 at 08:51 AM

Can we use BPM's and Modeling in normal scenarios in PI 7.3 EHP1


Hi Experts,

we are using PI 7.3 EHP1 (Dual stack). im the only guy handling PI, in my project. i need some clarifications on BPM scenarios in PI 7.3. we developed the interfaces without using BPM. Since all my requirements can achieve with normal interfaces. so i did it in that way.all the interfaces

are working fine.

My client brought one SAP guy for SRM upgrade activities and showed the PI developments as well. SAP guy told why you guys are using the old interface practices. if we do the interface with BPM / Modeling. i explained like we didn't get the requirement to work with BPM. so now my client is

getting confused asked for explanation. i did it and explained they are not satisfied.

i didn't get the opportunity to meet him.

so i need all your suggestions, so that i can explain to my client in a better way.

My question is

1) Do we really need to use BPM's for every interface, even if it is not required?

2) What is the difference between interface with BPM vs interface without BPM?

3) Some drawbacks of using BPM's.

4) if we use modeling / BPM, can we do the interfaces in 5 mins.

5) which one will give better performance BPM or normal interface?

6) what is the use of modeling, i read in forums, it will be used by the solution architects.?

can some one post the step by step guides for modeling, it will be highly appreciable..


Bhargava krishna