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May 15, 2013 at 05:53 PM

OS/DB Migration Certification Class TADM70


I plan to take the TADM70 class for OS/DB Migration Certification. I was told that this is a 3 day class and at the end of the third day there is an exam which is given in order to get an S-number needed to be a certfied in OS/DB migration.

I have few questions that I would like to get answered:

Does the class prepare you for the certification exam?

Is everything on the exam derived from the class material/discussion?

Are there additional material that you can obtain before taking the class/exam that you can study? if such material does exist, where do you get it from?

Is the certification exam part of the class? if it is not part of the class, do you need to register for it and pay an extra fee?

All info, advise or comments regarding the TADM70 are appreciated.