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May 15, 2013 at 01:49 PM

SSO with HTTP Header Authentication


Hi All,

am trying to implement SSO from Non SAP system (CAS - Central authentication system) to SAP Portal. I have configured the HTTP Header Login module in the Login Module stack as per the below link.

I have developed a Test JSP which set's the Header Variable IV_HTTP_USER with Portal login ID and re-directs to SAP Portal. When we test now, the HTTP Header Login module doesnt succeed and Login page comes up.

I have generated trace from NWA-Troubleshooting->Security troubleshooting wizard for authentication type and below the error i see. IV_HTTP_USER variable always show's as null.

Few Questions I have:

1. Do we have to change Authschemes file inculde authschem "Header" as mentioned in the below thread.

2. In case yes - I did change the authscheme's file as per above discussion and checked. But when i navigate to NWA->Configuration Management  Security  Authentication and Single Sign-On, I get and information saying Authscheme file is invalid.

Please help.

Portal Version: NW7.3 SP08




log.JPG (219.7 kB)