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Former Member
May 15, 2013 at 12:38 PM

Alternative costing sheet


Hello everyone,

this is my problem.

Case Configuration product.

Case: material ABCD configurated in Z Plant, for this product operations are done by a foreign plant Y (with cost center and activity price of foreign company Y / Y plant).

I defined one costing variant with different valuation variant for each plant with specific costing sheet.

When we have operations done by a company / plant different from material configurated, we need to use a costing sheet different from that set in valuation variant of material configurated.

Material ABCD configurated in Z Plant costing sheet 9999, we want to use in this specific case costing sheet 5555.

There is a Badi or an exit to detect a costing sheet according to an ad hoc processing?

Thanks in advance for your support.