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Former Member
May 15, 2013 at 10:53 AM

How can you tell if a transaction is in a role but not in the menu


i have come across HR related transactions that exist in authorisation object "S_TCODE - Transaction Code Check at Transaction Start" in the authorisation part of the role but do not exist under the Menu part.

When i perform search for what roles have the necessary transaction using transaction SUIM (under Roles/By Transaction Assignment), the above role is not returned.

How can I spot this type of issue. Is there a report that tells you the differences between S_TCODE and the transactions that exist in the Menu part per role?

Or is there a better report that tells you what roles have the transaction regardless of where the transaction is held in the role?

My preference would be to identify the roles where there are differences in the transactions from the Menu and the S_TCODE and then add necessary transactions to the Menu part so that the necessary role will be included the next time I run the report under SUIM (under Roles/By Transaction Assignment).