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Aug 31, 2005 at 12:59 AM

hidden excel sheet error


i have a problem in refreshing bex analyzer workbook. the situation is,

1. i have over 50 queries, each attached on one seperate excel sheet, on one workbook.

2. it takes some 20 minutes to refresh the whole workbook.

3. when i refresh the book, the following popup window appears again and again, over 30 times before the refresh finishes.

<internal error>problem when writing table :E_T_CEL

but as far as i click the CANCEL button to continue, the processing will just go on and no problem in query result.

4. i searched the note and understand the reason is the overflow of a hidden sheet used to store metadata by bex analyzer, just as described in sap note 711442

5. i decided to split the workbook to reduce the metadata in one workbook.

6. <b>here is the question:</b>

when i design the new workbook, how can i caculate the total amount of the metadata based on the complexity of the query? eg. how many query cells yields how many metadata.

can you help me?