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May 14, 2013 at 07:30 PM

ME4S - RFQs - Collective Number - Winning Quotation - Auto-Exclude Losing Quotations from Future Listing


Dear Gurus,

We are using RFQ collective number to track related RFQs - more than one RFQ is therefore created for each of these collective numbers.

We use ME4S (RFQs by collective number) to monitor these documents.

When the winning quotation is used to create a PO, we want to ensure that both the "losing" RFQs/Quotations and the winning one are not listed again when ME4S is re-run. To do this we are looking to use "Selection Parameters" "A-OFFEN" (Open RFQs), but this obviously still shows the losing RFQs/Quotations as well (so the list would keep growing).

I am aware that we can flag Quotations as Rejected in ME47 (Maintain Quotation) (Edit - Fast Change - Rejection Indicator) - but is there a way to automate this rejection by automatically flagging the losing quotations that tie back to the same Collective Number? This is probably a programming question but I am not entirely sure....

I hope the above makes sense - perhaps there is a better transaction we could use other than ME4S to monitor "new" RFQs only by collective number?

Thank you in advance