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May 14, 2013 at 03:35 PM

how to load Values from hierarchy into infocube


Hello All,

Can someone help me out with my question: I have a project to get a certain value from a hierarchy into my infocube to populate in a field(infoobject) that has 4 character. below is what the hiearchy values will look like

Accounting structure infoobject node name

VLC 0hier_node 6500205116.3426

6500/ 6677829 0profit_ctr 650000006677829

Now i am trying to have values like 5116 number from the node name to populate in one of my field in my infocube.... Does anyone know how i can get this number in my cube without getting all the numbers? or how i can extract hierarchy for that value 5116 from node name into my infocube for that field? Can i write a code in transformation to get it in the field ? if i can can you guide me with the code? OR PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO EXTRACT hierarchy into a cube

Thank you