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May 14, 2013 at 02:49 PM

Power builder 11.5 Object's shape



I am wondering how to get a datawindow's Object's Shape property. I am trying to pass this information on to a web-service to redraw shapes and managed to grab all info i need except for which shape is currently displayed. I know there is a datawindow lable. shape but i don't think that is it and it didn't work. Looking at the Datawindow source I can see that the different objects starts with their respective Shape naming I.e. rectangle, ellipse.

This might be a very simple question but I couldn't find an answer as of yet.

Thanks in advance,



ls_objects = idw_location.describe(ls_describe)

from the debugger:

value r_7 r_30 r_23 r_21 r_4 r_f7 r_f6 r_f5 r_19 r_8 r_6 r_12 r_9 r_33 r_5 r_1 r_3 r_2 r_29 r_f1 l_2 t_3 t_1 t_7 t_32 l_1 t_2 t_4 t_5 t_6 t_10 t_11 t_8 t_18 r_f2 t_19 r_f3 t_20 r_f4 t_21 r_13 t_12 r_16 t_15 r_26 t_25 r_14 t_13 r_15 t_14 r_17 t_16 r_10 t_33 r_28 t_28 r_34 t_35 r_35 t_30 r_37 t_36 r_27 t_26 r_31 t_27 r_32 t_31 r_11 t_9 r_18 t_17 t_29 t_34 r_22 t_39 t_24 t_23 t_22 t_40 t_38 r_25 t_42 r_36 t_43 r_20 t_37 r_38 t_44 r_24 t_41 r_39 t_45




ls_width = ls_objectname + ".width"

ls_width = idw_location.describe(ls_width)

ls_height = ls_objectname + ".height"

ls_height = idw_location.describe(ls_height)


ls_shape = ls_objectname + ".shape"

ls_shape = idw_location.describe(ls_shape)