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May 14, 2013 at 01:41 PM

Need to post material cost to cost center at time of migo wrt 261 movement type


Hi SAP PM/MM Experts,

We had requirement from one of our client. KSB1 report needs to be updated after MIGO (Good Issue wrt 261 Movement type) & ML81N.

Current Business Process as follows

1. Create Maintenance Order with Components & Operations (i.e. Materials & Services)

2. Release the Maintenance Order.

3. Automated generated PR converted to PO then run Service Entry Sheet (ML81N) for all line items of the PO by entering the Cost Center, G/L account & Order Number. (PO account assignment type is "U")

4. KSB1 report (Cost Center Report based on Materials & Services Cost Cosumed) updated with the service costs for the Cost Center as given above trasanction ML81N.

5.Goods Issue for automated created reservation for the PM Order. MIGO against Order/Reservation wrt 261 Movement Type by entering the G/L Account. (Valuation Group not set for the Material Group)

6. KSB1 report is not updated with the material costs for the Cost Center as given above trasanction MIGO.

7. We know the standard Solution for this issue i.e. they should not enter cost center for ML81N and they should settle the orders at the end. but business does not want to settle the order at month end by KO88/KO8G.

So, kindly provide the setting for enter cost center at the time MIGO for 261 movement type i.e automatic generated reservation from matenance order or alternate solution if any to update the KSB1 report with material cost after MIGO wrt 261 Movement type.