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Former Member
May 14, 2013 at 09:18 AM

Origin field not filled in KKBC_ORD for line items from direct FI posting


Dear colleagues,

I kindly ask your expertise and help with following task.

We use periodic controlling for capturing of production costs via process orders and product cost collectors.

MM postings (goods issues) are reflected correctly and in report KKBC_ORD there is material number, plant, and origin (plant/material), as a result variance analysis is correct.

On another hand there are some costs during period which are distributed to cost collectors in the end of period via journal entries in FI. Additional fields material and plant are filled in line item.

In FI, PCA documents we could see material number and plant. But in report KKBC_ORD there is no material, plant, origin. As a result variance analysis is not correct because it is separate line in report in comparison with the same cost element but with origin filled.

For example:

posting type material plant origin

MM 123 0001 0001/123

FI blank blank blank

Did anybody faced the same issue, do you have any ideas how to make system filling this origin field in case of direct posting from FI?

I checked scn,, checked BTE, exits, badis, all without big results yet.

Thank you very much for help in advance.

kind regards,

Vyacheslav Kontarev