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May 14, 2013 at 08:38 AM

BPM Scenario




Need your valuable inputs for making the BPM scenario as a success.

Here message flow is SAP (RFC) ..> PI ..> WS(SOAP)

SAP sending a code value to WS system via PI.

based in the value, WS system send (response) 300 mb to SAP system.

work around.

based on the above requirement, we have cearted a scenario . sap sending the data to WS system successfully. while getting the response from WS system. we are getting time out error. ConnectException: Connection timed out .

based on the above error. we have/had increased the module configuration parameters as a 3000000 in receiver communication as well as ADMIN & service levels(ICM).

we are not able to getting the 300mb response from WS system.

there is no use.

is there any other ways to achieve the above scenario. with our timeout error.


we are checking with BPM scenario.

need help for creating the BPM scenario.

created objects:
Design part:

imported external defination & SAP object from SAP system(BAPI structure).

created following objects.

if wrong, your experities is essentials for creating Design steps. IP graphical representation flow is required.

Thanks in adv,



bpm1.JPG (21.3 kB)