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May 14, 2013 at 07:44 AM

ATP – Include quality inspection stock


Dear Experts,

I meet a problem when design ATP logic.

Sales order ATP logic as below (Z8+A), include quanlity inspection stock because we use QM function.

Delivery ATP logic (Z8+B): we can not include QI stock because QI stock can not be delivered to cusotmer, other setting same as sales order ATP logic.

Sales requirement are included in both sales order ATP and delivery ATP, because we do not allow sales person use
other salesman's stock.

During process sales order ATP, there is on hand stock 2000 + QI stock 8000 = 10000 PCs and there are two sales order item A 1000 PCs + B 9000 PCs = 10000 PCs are confirmed. Below is MD04 result.

When we create delivery, current un-restricted use stock is 2000 PCs and we want to delivery 1000 PCs of sales order item A, but failed because system think sales order item B already confirmed with 7000 PCs. Message as below picture:

In CO09 we can see "- 8000" PCs in cul.ATP column in item B line.

Now we have to cancel confirmed quantity of sales order item B manually, then we can create delivery for sales order item A.

Please kindly advice any good idea to solve this problem.

Thanks with best regards



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