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Former Member
May 14, 2013 at 07:10 AM

New added maintenance item doesn't create order after IP30 auto job


Hello together,

I have following problem with an existing single cycle maintennace plan (cycle: yearly / no completion requirement / call horiz. 97 % / scheduling period 365 days / sched.indicator time - key date) for which I added a 1 new maintenance item (no reference object, but all planning & location data is maintained on item). Initial start date in IP10 for the maint. plan was 01.01.2012 - and I got already first orders for 01.01.2013 for the initially included maintenance items.

For the new added maintenance item I expected to also get an order for 01.01.2013. Normally after the next IP30 auto-job, which I executed manually,(settings: interval for call objects 30 days / rescheduling incl. active / immediate start for all: active), orders are created for new maintenance items - but not in this case.

As there's no EQ or FL included and also no link to a task list, I'm sure that a validity date can't be the reason for the order which is not created.

I hope you have some hints for me how I can solve this issue or how I can understand a obviously error in my logic.

Kind regards,