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May 13, 2013 at 09:38 PM

Macro execution only for highlighted cells


Dear Macro Experts,

I have a "simple" requirement but I cant find any function in ADVM. Appreciate your tips on easy way of doing it

ROW1: R1Cell1, R1Cell2...R1Cell 5......R1Cell10.... are values in ROW1

Action1: I highlight R1Cell5

Action2: I click on an assigned ugly looking icon to execute this macro

Expected result in ROW2

ROW2: R2Cell1, R2Cell2...R1Cell 5......R2Cell10....are values in ROW2.

PS: I note the same question asked by someone else but the answer was it was not possible in standard. A sample code was also provided but I need to hire an ABAP expert and a week to do that. But that was 3 years ago. I was wishful that there is something available in standard now in newer releases.