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May 13, 2013 at 06:28 PM

OS migration - Heterogeneous system copy


I know it is possible to perform an export on the source system and after the export is completed, the entire export directory is copied from the source system. After that, the source system is shutdown and the target system is started where the export directory is restored and the installation and import are performed. Here both the source system and the target system have the same hostname and the same SID name.

If Migration Monitor is used where both the soure system and the target system are up for the export/import process to run simultaneously, then the hostnames/SIDs can not be same which means that the hostname and the SID on the source system must be different than the hostname and the SID on the target system.

Was anybody able to perform a parallel export/import using the Migration Monitor where the hostname and SID are the same on both the source and target systems?

ALL suggestions, comments and advises are appreciated!