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Issues getting Notifications from PCo 2.3 in MII 14.0

Hi guys,

I was trying to implement a simple notification example using MII 14 (14.0.1 Build 145) and PCo 2.3 (2.301.1590.1141) but I am having issues to receive the notifications properly in MII.

The first scenario was using a connection to OSISoft PI Historian with the PI Agent. Everything looks okay, I could connect successfully to PI, also could start the agent... setup the alias, a couple of tags, etc and also could successfully create the MII Data server using the PCo Connector. In Workbench I could test some PCo queries to retrieve some data. Actually the only problem was to receive the notifications from PCo which basically calls a transaction that writes a file and append the data. The trigger condition was a simple test like "OnTrue" Tag > 0. Even using the "Test Notification Deliver" button MII didn't receive the notification.

Secondly, I tried to do something similar using the Matrikon OPC Simulation server using the OPC DA Agent, but again, there was no notifications from PCo to MII. In this case I couldn't start the agent successfully, just tried the "Deliver" test to check if the data would be sent to MII. The deliver test showed that the message has been delivered to MII successfully but it doesn't actually.

I am not sure if this can be related to the versions that I am using as MII 14 is in ramp up and the last patch of PCo has just been released...does anyone has any clues please? Am I missing something?

Many thanks in advance,



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1 Answer

  • May 13, 2013 at 08:09 PM


    When you define your MII Destination details in the PCo Notification Destination Tab, did you chose the input parameter in the MII Transaction that is to receive the notification XML message. I always define a Transaction input parameter called InputXML of type XML, and for the default value I copy the sample of the notification XML that is generated in PCo using Test Notification Delivery. Then you should retrieve the Values from the InputXML in your transaction. Setting up the transaction in PCo, pick the transaction and then pick InputXML from the Input Parameter name drop down at the bottom.

    Note: If you call your transaction Asynchronously, MII is then responsible for handling / reporting all transaction errors and exceptions, PCo will only detect an issue if MII is unavailable when the notifcation is executed. You should also set Persistence to Error in the configuration as well.

    Regards, Steve

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    • Ok sounds like everything is correctly configured. Please try this:

      In MII:

      Add some additional Sequence steps at beginning and end of transaction and add Event Logger action block to write INFO event messages into the Netweaver Logs. You can also add an Event Logger action block in the sequence that writes the file to also log the file contents as INFO.

      In PCo:

      Set Agent Instance Log mode to Verbose and start agent instance.

      Modify the Notification Destination and un-check Use Asynchronous Mode

      Trigger the notification

      Review the Agent Instance log and confirm that the destination was triggered.

      From MII Menu System Properties->Transaction Manager, make sure there are no errors logged for the transaction

      From MII Menu System Properties->Log Viewer, check the Netweaver trace log to make sure that all of the Event Logger messages are recorded in the log.

      Let me know what your results are.

      Regards, Steve