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May 13, 2013 at 02:04 PM

MV75FF01 - Display Document Flow


Hi guys

When I try to see the document flow at VA03 it doesn't happens. I debugged and I found the error at RV_ORDER_FLOW_INFORMATION (FM) in PERFORM VORGAENGER_ERMITTELN...

The structure VBCO6 has POSNR equals 0.

I found the solution at this link:

At include MV75FF01, form belegfluss_ausgeben I found the snippet code

IF yvbfa-vbtyp_n EQ vbtyp_fibubeleg.

And at runtime, I didn't clean ls_vbfa_alv-posnn and it works.

My question is... does anyone knows the correct SAP Note for this solution? I just found some SAP Notes like 177721 but it's for 4.6C and our SAP version is 700.