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May 13, 2013 at 11:16 AM

Updation of Add-On tools in Solman 7.0


Dear Experts,

We are using solman 7.0 with SPS15, which is old. Now we got a requirement to update solman system with latest add-on tools as per one of the service requirement from SAP along with SPAM/SAINT level as well.

Following are the add-on tools currently we are in :

Current Release Level

ST-PI 2005_1_700 0006 SAPKITLQI6 SAP Solution Tools Plug-In

ST-A/PI 01K_CRM560 0000 --- Application Servicetools for CRM 500 510

Following are available in SMP:

ST-PI 2008_1_700 0007 SAPKITLRD7 SAP Solution Tools Plug-In

ST-A/PI 01Q_700 0000 --- Servicetools for other App./Netweaver 04

1. Can we we update ST-PI from 2005_1_700 to 2008_1_700 directly?

2. As per my knowledge we can update ST-A/PI directly in my above case (correct me if am wrong).

I ran RTCCTOOL tool and it shows missing SAP Notes for ST-PI (539977 & 1228898) and ST-A/PI (69455) and both are referring latest available ones only and unable to come to conclusion for direct up dation of above 2 add-on tools.

Request someone please clarify the above 2 doubts, if possible with any supported standard docs/notes please.