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  • shivakkumar Geetha venkatesan commented Apr 9, 2018
    As Steve and many of you have already noticed, we did indeed launch missions today. You can find details here and a Tip in a Minute video for further guidance. As Mirko Friedrich wrote, finally! I'm exc...
  • Mike Pokraka commented Apr 7, 2018
    Part 1 can be found here. Details in the comments.
  • Colleen Hebbert commented Apr 6, 2018
    Perfectly suitable subject. :) I found this article through a random LinkedIn notification and thought #randomcoffee was a really great idea: TLDR version o...
  • Jürgen Linsstarted
    Jelena Perfiljeva commented Apr 5, 2018
    Today SAP announced its first bug free ERP system. A breakthrough in Machine learning made it possible and SAP's first AI was able to rewrite the S4/HANA code in less than a week. This success makes the traditional programmers look old. HR Director Stefa...
  • Rob Dielemans edited Apr 4, 2018
    People keep making fun of ABAP "dinosaurs" who don't use OOP but there are so many SCN questions showing complete lack of understanding of even basic concepts of Computer Science. For example:- confusing FTP, HTTP, and URL;- no clue about a JOIN and UNIO...
  • Matt Fraserstarted
    Steffi Warnecke commented Apr 3, 2018
    Woot!That was rather fun to see in my Notifications. :)
  • Steve Rumsbystarted
    Jeremy Good commented Apr 3, 2018
    Just saw this in my Activity stream:Have I missed an announcement?
  • Volker Barth commented Apr 3, 2018
    As @Catherine LaCroix shared in her blog post, a new Privacy Setting appeared in your Account Settings today. Here's a handy infographic to help you understand the change, what's required of you, and the consequences of opting in vs. out. Be sure to check...
  • Amit Anasane commented Mar 31, 2018
    Hi, last time I had opened a thread on 'Wanderlust' where I asked best places to visit. I thought during my retirement I have easy options to search for, but replies were few. This time again am opening a thread where during retirement I want to relax and...
  • Michael Keller edited Mar 28, 2018
    Great posts on a range of topics... ABAP inspiration from a BASIC program for an old Commodore 64 (that was my first computer!!!) Azure, HANA... from some follow-worthy names you may not know yet, check them out:
  • Rob Dielemansstarted
    Martin English commented Mar 27, 2018
    So today I installed SAP gui 7.50 and was greeted with oodles of new looking icons.And it got me thinking which led to starting this discussion.So! Is it somehow obligatory at SAP that every new GUI should look new, or is the changing of icons based on fe...
  • Michael Appleby commented Mar 27, 2018
    I have become one of those people who listens more to the Wiggles than anything else. I'm even getting to know the words. Alas, my singing hasn't improvedBut it did get me thinking if some songs could be applied to work situationsMy current favourite is "...
  • Bartosz Jarkowski commented Mar 26, 2018
    Today, during my evening with SCN I found this question: STMS Job RDDIMDP not triggering automattically (...) The SAP Note I suggested to use was last updated 20 years ago! In my opinion, it's still valid even it was written for release 2.X (I need to ge...
  • Jerry Janda commented Mar 20, 2018 if we're not.....oops my bad on the self promotion front! 2 Blogs for 2018. This year is looking up only took a month to find the time to write.
  • Michelle Crapo commented Mar 15, 2018
    This will be an interesting discussion I hope. I made myself a promise that I would try to bring people I knew to SAP Community. The other day - I thought, if I can find the mentor alumni I would ask them to help. At least the ones that I knew. I got one ...

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