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  • Jelena Perfiljeva commented Sep 7, 2018
    Hello everyone.. I have always been a follower/contributer/admirer of the community since SDN to SCN and now to and trying to get back to contributing again. One of my areas of interests is Lumira. So when I searched for the community I got hit by...
  • Varinder verma commented Sep 5, 2018
    I don't know what mechanism works here as i saw many open questions which are answered correctly by peers but due to non acceptance remain open.
  • Colleen Hebbert commented Aug 19, 2018
    Hi Stranger Friends or Friendly StrangersI'm finally logging into... It's only taken about 10 weeks to get to 2 step of starting all over again. I'm currently a subscriber and about to become a Contributor and who knows it might be another 10 or so weeks ...
  • Mike Applebystarted
    Mike Appleby commented Aug 13, 2018
    Hi All, For those who are not yet aware, my position at SAP has been eliminated and my current ID (michael.appleby) will no longer work after August 9, 2018. Really glad that I got my 10 year anniversary gift award just a short while ago. Love my new Geor...
  • Colleen Hebbert commented Aug 13, 2018
    Hey All,As I described in my blog post, I'm looking for some testers for the new profile experience, firstly focusing on Community related items.If you are interested in participating please drop a comment.Thanks!
  • Matt Fraserstarted
    Matt Fraser commented Aug 8, 2018
    ... to write a new blog post. Anyway, I spent the bulk of July troubleshooting an arcane (to me) issue with Business Connector and SSL connectivity to our vendors, so once it was resolved, decided to share! And, promptly rediscovered that the SAP Business...
  • Morten Wittrock edited Jul 29, 2018
    This tweet brought back some memories :-) The ZX81 was my first computer. It had a whopping 1 KB of memory (yeah, 1024 bytes), which you could expand to 16 KB with the RAM pack. The cartridge’s connector was notoriously wobbly, though, and moving it even ...
  • Yogesh Patelstarted
    Joachim Rees commented Jul 18, 2018
  • Aman Tyagi edited Jul 12, 2018
    While doing a bit of idling on Saturday night, I went through some of my old(ish) blog posts. I'd forgotten about this one, and it gave me a chuckle:An in-memory database by any other name would be as fastAccepting the risk of accusations of blowing my ow...
  • Craig Sstarted
    Martin Hinderer commented Jul 11, 2018
    So where are we? Around the 18 month mark, ( I think), since this new community was launched? I noticed the question count in the QM area today. 651. I assume that's the count since we changed over. I know that QM is a lesser used community area, but I...
  • Jul 8, 2018
    i don't know if it's more the platform or the participation of other community members, and i think it's the latter, but i found myself coming to sap community more often than in the past. now on, for my second cup.enjoy your summer, folks!
  • Jim Spathstarted
    Jul 5, 2018
    I know this tip is more of an art than science, advertising is still a big business run by bot lede typers (yet). What is catchy in one dialect or slang or idiom or culture may be incomprehensible in another. But plunge on, as sometimes the obfuscation d...
  • Jun 29, 2018
    Spotted in our S/4HANA Cloud system the other day:No real surprise there, of course, but nevertheless an almost nostalgic reminder that behind all the cloud, SaaS and Fiori goodness, you'll still find a bunch of ABAP programs, that need compiling from tim...
  • Jim Spathstarted
    Jim Spath edited Jun 28, 2018
    It's me, Jim, with a P number instead of an S number. Continuing with blog posting tips - keep you screenshots clear and simple. When asking a question, this matters less as readers can usually figure out from the context where you are. Depending on brows...
  • Jelena Perfiljeva commented Jun 28, 2018
    Hi Folks!Whenever I have a rough idea for a new blog post, I'm wondering if there's any interest in the topic and if time spent on writing it will be time well spent. Guessing that this is the same for others as well, I hope that this thread might help al...

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