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  • Craig Sstarted
    Steffi Warnecke commented Oct 18, 2016
    Another thing to look at for activity are the number of views a question has once its been posted. The questions in the PLM QM area have very few views. I think most of the views we do have in QM are strictly caused by about 2-5 people. Some only have ...
  • Joachim Reesstarted
    Gregory Misiorek commented Oct 18, 2016
    Having this new Community here is new, exciting and confusing already, but to me it gets really messy when people start referring to it with terms like "new SCN". I think Gali made it clear in the blog
  • Michael Appleby commented Oct 18, 2016
    SAP HANA Cloud Platform tag page SAP HANA Cloud Platform, mobile service for development and operations tag page
  • Steve Rumsbystarted
    Mark Pfister commented Oct 18, 2016
    The "Browse the Community" feature seems to let you search for community pages. It doesn't let you search for tags. You can't follow community pages - you can only follow tags. Community pages link to relevant tags, so you can indirectly find the tags if ...
  • Joachim Reesstarted
    Veselina Peykova commented Oct 17, 2016
    Have you noticed how Idea Place has quite some elements some miss from SCN or hope to see on SAP Community soon: - There are points and even a leaderboard (see my comments on ) - When you cli...
  • Craig Sstarted
    Craig S commented Oct 17, 2016
    Ok.. I understand the tagging. But when I search say a published tag like "PLM Quality Management (QM)" I get over 1000 hits. It starts with stuff from the archives in like 2008. Now I know I'll see activity in the moderation area for things that require...
  • Jerry Jandastarted
    Chris Bosler commented Oct 17, 2016
    Launch week is behind us, and the Using tag is exploding. (I believe someone reported that a third of all new questions have the Using primary tag. I believe I read that in a discussion with the Using tag itself -- which kinda make...
  • Steffi Warnecke commented Oct 17, 2016
    This is what I see after clicking on "Followed Activity" (and yes, this is practically the whole page before I need to click 'More'):Why, oh why is my own activity included? And, to add insult to injury, why does it show the post/comment that I liked or u...
  • Craig Sstarted
    Craig S edited Oct 17, 2016
    Please upvote this suggestion: Corrected link to idea: Thanks! Craig
  • Steve Rumsbystarted
    Veselina Peykova commented Oct 17, 2016
    After the first day of this new SCN I calculated that about 30% of of the questions asked were tagged "Using". Now that we've been going a week, it is time for another update. As of 5 minutes ago, there were 256 questions tagged "Ab...
  • Veselina Peykova commented Oct 14, 2016
    I cannot wait for the SAP team to realize that 2800 tags are impractical and that there are people, who don't want to follow any tags, but still need a simple way to navigate.Instead of ranting or answering repeated questions: "How do I find ....", maybe ...
  • Joachim Reesstarted
    Jelena Perfiljeva commented Oct 14, 2016
    I'm stumbeling across topics here I didn't see in SCN, like this tag "Sustainability". Not sure if I just didn't see that one SCN or it was never there?
  • Benny Schaich-Lebek commented Oct 14, 2016
    Really cool to introduce a tag system for Q&A that is mandatory and than having no choice. Search as search can... Who had that idea?
  • Steve Rumsbystarted
    Former Member commented Oct 14, 2016
    With people mostly, it seems posting comments as answers, and with those answers being ordered by number of votes, not chronologically (which makes sense for answers) following comment threads on questions can get really confusing. I don't have any sugges...

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