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  • Jerry Janda commented Jul 5, 2019
    Or perhaps not.I used to right click on the links in the notifications to open a new tab which would take me to the comment, or the private message. Now you have to left click on it, which opens a new page, from which you can navigate. For goodness sake, ...
  • Audrey Stevenson commented Jul 3, 2019
    And so want many "Happy Birthday young man" comments. No, not really. I was just wondering that, since I'm turned 50, should I stay polite* responding to questions that under a decent moderation regime would never be allowed to appear? Or is it ok to be c...
  • Lukas Weigelt commented Jul 1, 2019
    Interesting argument from El Reg.
  • Vadim Kalininstarted
    Volker Barth commented Jun 24, 2019
    In past I have posted bug report here: [BUG] Still possible to delete answer with all comments posted for this answer!And today this question was closed by moderator with the following reason:"This question was closed 25 minutes ago by Mynyna Chau for the...
  • Susan Keohan commented Jun 20, 2019
    You may have noticed in your activity stream (you do follow other members and tags and look at your Followed Activities, right?) that some members have been earning a new mission that launched today: I Voted! We set up this new onboarding mission with the...
  • Svea Beckerstarted
    Svea Becker commented Jun 11, 2019
    Recently, I have hosted an SAP Community call on the topic “Multigenerational Teams”. It was a detailed description of the different generations we are facing these times at work. The following generations have been mentioned and described in detail:Tradi...
  • Morten Wittrock edited Jun 11, 2019
    I spent a few hours today building the LEGO Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition set. It has 1363 pieces, and the model stands at a pretty impressive 25 cm tall. Here's the finished build:Some reviewers have criticised the model's proportions, and they do seem to b...
  • Mark Yoltonstarted
    Oliver Kohl commented Jun 7, 2019
    Just wanted to drop in and say 'hello' and 'happy Friday!' to old friends, SAP Community team members, and SAP Mentors. The topic of communities came up so I was reminded to stop by. I saw a bunch of familiar faces and names as I skimmed thru blogs and ot...
  • Roberto Vacca edited Jun 6, 2019
    People keep making fun of ABAP "dinosaurs" who don't use OOP but there are so many SCN questions showing complete lack of understanding of even basic concepts of Computer Science. For example:- confusing FTP, HTTP, and URL;- no clue about a JOIN and UNIO...
  • Cassie Napierstarted
    Bärbel Winkler commented Jun 5, 2019
    Although I've been an observant bystander for quite some time, this is my first foray into discussions - patience & advice so greatly appreciated (!) - and since the original question arose during a coffee shop conversation with a colleague of mine wh...
  • Audrey Stevenson commented May 27, 2019
    It’s Saturday. May 25 here in the U.S. Hmmm… wonder what the SAP Community team is up to on this special day?Maybe launching something intergalactic?Wonder who’ll figure it out first…Watch for a blogpost with full details on Monday morning CET.
  • Svea Becker commented May 27, 2019
    First off, doing a non-related Google search, I stumbled upon this site ( that was illegally using one of my blogs....not that I never had seen that before. But then looking at the sidebar on the page, I see this.... ....never k...
  • Matt Fraserstarted
    Matt Fraser commented May 21, 2019
    ... to write a new blog post. Anyway, I spent the bulk of July troubleshooting an arcane (to me) issue with Business Connector and SSL connectivity to our vendors, so once it was resolved, decided to share! And, promptly rediscovered that the SAP Business...
  • Jerry Jandastarted
    Jerry Janda commented May 15, 2019
    WARNING: THIS THREAD CONTAINS SPOILERS!Certainly been a lot of those to avoid recently, no? (I mean...I can't believe Thanos killed Jon Snow. Talk about a twist.)At any rate, after reading about fights actually breaking out over "Endgame" spoilers, it got...
  • Nic Teunckens commented May 10, 2019
    i take it all are out at sapphire and no coffee (drinking) topics are worth pondering here over a cup or two. am i right?

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