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  • Susan Keohanstarted
    Michelle Crapo commented Feb 6, 2018
    So I have a contractor working at my house to fix where some heating pipes had burst (thank you Winter). He started today.At 10:30AM, he called me and asked if my son was home. I said 'No'. He said 'Well, your front door is open, and your dog is gone'.Boo...
  • Matt Fraserstarted
    Jerry Janda commented Jan 30, 2018
    So, erroneously-awarded karma credits for likes on coffee corner discussion comments are about to be removed. This is a good thing, of course, bringing us back in line with our pre-relaunch strategy of keeping Coffee Corner "points-free." But it did trigg...
  • Jerry Jandastarted
    Michael Appleby commented Jan 29, 2018
    What's worse: digging out from emails or digging out from snow? I think I might have experience with both this week. Anyway, here I am, back from a few weeks off, and for my san(ta?)ity, I totally unplugged during the holidays. Which means that in additio...
  • Jerry Jandastarted
    Caroleigh Deneen commented Jan 26, 2018
    Today (Monday, January 22) is Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD), a way to recognize and celebrate the efforts of community managers around the world using social media and other tools to improve customer experiences. (Thank you, wikipedia.)The SAP...
  • Matt Fraser commented Jan 25, 2018
    As 2017 closed, I had the great pleasure of reviewing hundreds of blog posts to put together this list of some of the best, contributed by non-employees and non-mentors. As Joachim Rees wrote, "Honoring the authors, and giving everyone a chance to di...
  • Michelle Crapo commented Jan 25, 2018
    Hi All 2018 is my year to get back to basics within SAP Community. It has meant some decisions needed to be made which has resulted in me stepping down from Strategic Advisory Council and some other behind the scenes activities The realisation hit me that...
  • Matt Fraserstarted
    Matt Fraser commented Jan 24, 2018
    ... by which, I mean, after almost a year and a half of not blogging in the Community, one starts to feel as if one has completely lost the touch, or the will, or the inspiration, or whatever it is that compels one to write.But it turns out that sometimes...
  • Michelle Crapo commented Jan 24, 2018
    Only 2 weeks since my "SCN vacation" and I'm already losing it. :( Borrowing from Seinfeld ("Does this offend you as a Jewish person? - No, it offends me as a comedian!") - SCN UI really offends me as a developer. It might be challenging to provide better...
  • Veselina Peykova commented Jan 19, 2018
    This time of of year seems like a good occasion to review your open questions and close them. Please see this blog if anyone needs more information on how / why to do this.Happy Holidays, y'all!
  • Colleen Hebbert commented Jan 17, 2018
    Step 1: Reconsider.Seriously. Enough of those "Gavrila blog" reposts already.
  • Colleen Hebbert commented Jan 17, 2018
    Hi All,I want to share two recent improvements we rolled out for @mentions: Now when you type the "@" symbol followed by some characters of the person's name you're trying to @mention, the search results will show matches from your social graph first, fol...
  • Steve Rumsbystarted
    Jeremy Good commented Jan 16, 2018
    I was wanting to embed this video, just as a little bit of seasonal fun, but it turns out you can't embed video in discussions. You can only do that in blogs. Frustrating. Anyway, here's our SAPgui this week: :-)
  • Simone Milesistarted
    Simone Milesi commented Jan 15, 2018
    Just 2 months after my alert.It has been even rejected but i do not remember what i put at that time, so.. how could i contest it?
  • Brian Bernardstarted
    Joachim Rees commented Jan 12, 2018
    On the heels of yesterday's announcement about the new tag picker, I'd like to share some other recent work that took place behind the scenes to improve the tagging experience. In short, we've reduced the number of tags that are selectable when creating c...
  • Jerry Janda edited Jan 11, 2018
    Hi team, I have written a blog and submitted for moderator review on 19.12.2017. Still now it is in same state, and I am not sure when this will be approved and published. I know moderators are working on their free time. But at least if they provide feed...

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