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  • Piyush Parekhstarted
    Piyush Parekh commented 17 hours ago
    SAP Community is bigger than ever with 2.8M users worldwide and 287,000 visits every day. Have you ever wondered what are the most popular tags on SAP Q&A forum ? There are more than 900 tags with ever growing list of followers and contributors!! Well, f...
  • Morten Wittrock edited 18 hours ago
    This is my way of complaining about the quality of the questions here at SCN (like this one:
  • Joachim Reesstarted
    Joachim Rees commented 3 days ago
    Just noticed (thanks to that apparently, I made exactly 300 blog comments as of now:
  • Matthew Billingham commented 4 days ago
    Some good hands on sessions, which was nice, but a repeating theme made me sad...Everywhere in ABAP examples was the use of Hungarian notation. Even the Modern ABAP presentation. Although to be fair, concerning that, I spoke to the presenters afterwards. ...
  • Jim Spathstarted
    4 days ago
    I looked for the term "enjoy" in the SAP Urban Dictionary and came up dry. Needless to say, this gap must be filled. Please provide any early recollections of said term, and relevan...
  • Joachim Reesstarted
    Joachim Rees commented 4 days ago
    Oh, as of now I seem to have 916 karma-credits (I'm probably not supposed to tell anyone about my karma-score, hm? That's why I don't give a screenshot). That gave me a flashback to my warehouse management(wm) times: 916 ist the interim storage area for g...
  • Paul Hardy commented 5 days ago
    There is a sub on Reddit called Techsupport gore where people share pictures and stories of some horrific things they see done with technology. I've been looking at some old programs lately and see lots of stuff that would qualify as "ABAP gore". :) So I...
  • Matt Fraserstarted
    Audrey Stevenson commented 6 days ago
    I didn't even know about this, until this fun little surprise appeared in my Inbox / Notifications:I'm not sure if I'm supposed to reveal which activities lead to earning the badge (hint: it isn't hard), but suffice to say I was not expecting this!
  • Jerry Janda commented Oct 14, 2019
    Hi,last time I had opened a thread on 'Wanderlust' where I asked best places to visit. I thought during my retirement I have easy options to search for, but replies were few.This time again am opening a thread where during retirement I want to relax and w...
  • Joachim Reesstarted
    Florian Henninger commented Oct 13, 2019
    ...I've been away for some time (did you notice?), and now am getting back to AdT. But simple tasks seem (still) hard or even not possible like: * learning about the latest features:
  • Simone Milesi commented Oct 11, 2019
    Or has the coffee corner disappeared from the main menus....?
  • Nic Teunckens edited Oct 7, 2019
    figured that this weekend is the last one i could ask a few questions that could be wrapped into one, so after a sip, here goes it: how is the upcoming event different from the one that has just passed? what's unique for this upcoming location since LV is...
  • Jim Spathstarted
    Jelena Perfiljeva commented Oct 1, 2019
    Not too long ago, on Twitter, Mark Finnern lamented the staleness of the SCN Urban Dictionary. Turns out the wiki page is over 10 years old and has lain dormant for over a year (just after I was laid off, go figure).See an original comment here: https://a...
  • Bärbel Winkler commented Sep 27, 2019
    One of the most important things we can do to actually tackle human-caused climate change is to talk about it whenever an opportunity presents itself(*) - something many of us don't do for many different reasons. As you may already have noticed - i.e. via...
  • Kirill Gorin commented Sep 25, 2019
    Today, during my evening with SCN I found this question: STMS Job RDDIMDP not triggering automattically (...) The SAP Note I suggested to use was last updated 20 years ago! In my opinion, it's still valid even it was written for release 2.X (I need to ge...

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