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  • Audrey Stevenson commented yesterday
    As many of you know, I've been involved with the creation of missions and badges in the SAP Community (and before that SCN) for a long time now. Together with Caroleigh Deneen, we strive to bring you interesting missions to achieve and cool badges to earn...
  • 2 days ago
    If this is true. Rich Heilmann and Thomas (the ever) Jung have been redeployed. Interesting times!
  • Vadim Kalinin commented 4 days ago
    I usually go to the ABAP Questions tag, to see the most recent questions. Unfortunately Sawa Ito is removing tags from old ABAP questions... meaning the most recent questions are, in fact, really old and mostly by "former members".
  • Loyd Enochs commented 5 days ago
    There is a sub on Reddit called Techsupport gore where people share pictures and stories of some horrific things they see done with technology. I've been looking at some old programs lately and see lots of stuff that would qualify as "ABAP gore". :) So I...
  • Matt Fraserstarted
    Steffi Warnecke commented 5 days ago
    As the badges for old SCN achievements go live, "6 minutes ago" (well, a bit longer now, as it takes a few minutes to write this), my Followed Activities list was filled...Names and pictures redacted to protect the guilty, of course. And the list goes on ...
  • Svea Becker commented 6 days ago
    Hallo my name is Kati and you might have read my thread “What's cooking?” where you learned that I loooove food, and to take pics of my food and share it on social media.This blog is about my hobby – and building a community around my hobby. Communities h...
  • Jeremy Goodstarted
    Bruce Hartley edited Apr 12, 2019
    I recently dug into the beta archives looking for this previous thread concerning Site Inconsistency, and figured it would be worth dusting off the question again concerning where you enter the community, or what you'd define as your 'Home' starting point...
  • Steffi Warnecke commented Apr 10, 2019
    Not that I have tons of time to spend on SCN but I found myself playing with whatever AI is behind "Questions that might be similar to yours". The darn thing just refuses to throw in a towel and seems to always come back with a bunch of random posts. :)
  • Katarina Fischer commented Apr 8, 2019
    Are you taking pics of your food? Are you even sharing this on social media? Or you hate this attitude and you cannot understand why people do this instead of just eating it? Then you should read my coffee-corner post that has a lot to do with COMMUNITY!M...
  • Bärbel Winkler commented Apr 8, 2019
    One of the most important things we can do to actually tackle human-caused climate change is to talk about it whenever an opportunity presents itself(*) - something many of us don't do for many different reasons. As you may already have noticed - i.e. via...
  • Jeremy Goodstarted
    Jeremy Good edited Apr 5, 2019
    I've been sitting on this screen capture for a few weeks, and pondering how I could use some humor or sarcasm to stimulate some CC chatter here in the community. Well...with all the Love in the air on Valentine's Day, it made me think about the language ...
  • Jerry Jandastarted
    Jerry Janda edited Apr 4, 2019
    UPDATE: Fooling aside, the Member of the Month interview is now live -- and, yes, I wasn't joking when I said it was worth the wait. :)*******I know we're already in April, and I'm a little behind on posting the new Member of the Month interview. But trus...
  • Bärbel Winkler commented Mar 30, 2019
    ... when sharing links on SAP Community, my recently published blog post might be of interest!CheersBärbel
  • Aditya Varrier commented Mar 29, 2019
    Hi,last time I had opened a thread on 'Wanderlust' where I asked best places to visit. I thought during my retirement I have easy options to search for, but replies were few.This time again am opening a thread where during retirement I want to relax and w...
  • Sai Krishna Kowluri edited Mar 28, 2019
    I have done this a few times and probably gonna keep doing it. I'm writing ABAP code and switch to respond to an email from a colleague. Press SHIFT + F1 and see nothing happen :-| What's your brain-fade ? Happy Weekend. Cheers, Sai

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