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Search archive by tag?

Is it possible to search the archive by tag?

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Dec 14, 2016 at 09:44 PM

View, Browse, Read, and 'Search' are terms listed on the Archive entry page (, but I've found that mostly the old Jive space format is here, so Browse and Scroll are more pertinent. There is a search box once you've entered into an archive document or discussion grouping, but the results do not stay associated to the Space or Tag you've navigated into.

The search will include results from the, but using tags in a search from within the archive only -- perhaps one of the search guru's is better equipped to help you with that one, or a site search from Google...

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not with any option given by SAP. you can't even click a tag in a discussion in

If you had defined a unique tag yourself then you can use Google to search. I had such tag, and I can find all the discussions I had tagged this way using this search term in Google: error_caused_by_own_development

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Is search by old forum space sufficient for your purposes?

If yes - then you can read here how to do that:

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SDN has really taken a step back in usability :(

  • I did not get an email notification when this thread was updated
  • I cant quote any of the responses
  • Cant tag/mention @username
  • SDN has some amazing content, its a shame that it is so hard to find now and workarounds are needed to find it.

Thanks to everyone that responded.

I found what I was looking for by using the following link that Vaselina posted in another thread

With this link I was able to limit my search to a Jive Space. However, it seems like not everything was converted to the new platform

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Maybe just a fluke, but I had submit the response above twice. I also cant seem to add a blank line after my last bullet point.

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Yes, correct about blank line!

But there are so many bugs with answer/comment editor...

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At present, no, but it is planned. See Jamie Cantrell's blog post:

Specifically, section:

Find related Archived content* from tag pages


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