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[Status Update] U Wot M8

Performed action "raise an eyebrow" on an object of type activity stream today. :)

(In case anyone is confused about the title - )

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Dec 07, 2016 at 10:19 PM

Perhaps you should have used a 'visited' question translucent gray color to blur out the undesired text in your image ;)

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The text reminds me of some old-school text-based RPG battles :)

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It definitely sounds quite military. "At 1800 hours so-and-so performed action... Roger, over". :)

@Jeremy - I can only do that much with Paint, sorry! :)

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Sorry - my sarcasm was not directed at your skillful usage of Paint, but more from the other thread concerning the choice of light gray for visited links.

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Hi, Jelena:

So someone you follow closed out a question, and that's what you saw in your activity stream?

I'm trying to understand the circumstances that triggered that bizarre message -- so I can check with our activities lead.

Best regards,


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Based on what I saw in the question - yes, it was closed by a person I'm following, not by OP. That person is a moderator.

We really should not see the moderation activities in our streams IMHO. But at least the style of this message gave me a chuckle. :)

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