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[Status Update] Working from Home Week 3 back on client site

Work wardrobe time; city commute; office full of people; new regular barista

There are some positives in that

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Dec 07, 2016 at 06:38 AM

You got this. I have faith in you. You may catch yourself at some point today recalling those times at home....was it all just a dream? At least you got a taste of the freedom.

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And I was expecting a documentary on the quick descent into 24/7 pajamas and slippers. Oh well...

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Jelena - that was all achieved on day 1.

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I worked from home on Tuesday -- only had to "dress" briefly when a vendor showed up to measure for new blinds, which is the reason I was working from home. As soon as the vendor left, back into the sweatpants!

Even in the office, though, I'm known for kicking off my shoes and working (standing) at my desk in just my socks. At first people thought it strange, especially when I stopped caring about putting on shoes just to go to the coffee machine, but now I notice several of my colleagues starting to do the same. I've started a revolution!

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Hmm, it just occurred to me that people might get the wrong idea about "just my socks." ;)

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We have the famous Inno Jam / Demo Jam, but just be careful that your office revolution doesn't lead to a bad case of Toe Jam...

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Ah, finally I understand the deal with SAP Jam! I thought it had something to do with delicious fruit preserves. How silly. That kind of jam! Now it's much more clear, thanks!

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