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‚ÄčNoting positive things

I might have a tendency to being a little negative, so I'm making an effort to note (and call out) nice things when I stumble across them.

Like here:

Some years ago, I notice an blog, read it, made my thoughts and came up with my own example, how I could relate to the concept.

I posted it as a comment, and the blogs author very nicely commented on that.

(no hidden punchline or anything - just came across it today and noticed that both the blog and the comments are still good reads, and how that was a nice and respectful conversation )



PS: feel free to add your 'positives' if you like!

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  • Feb 07, 2019 at 05:07 PM

    This post is a positive thing! Another positive thing I've noticed is the enthusiasm of new members that I get to give a "high five" of sorts in my weekly mission and badge roundup posts. It's energizing to see them motivated!

  • Feb 08, 2019 at 07:42 PM

    Hm, it's interesting that you got a reply even though the author has become "formerized"...

    I usually share on Twitter links to the blogs that I find worthy of reading / bookmarking. Hopefully at least it reaches people who are no longer on SCN (at least not actively).

    • Feb 11, 2019 at 09:04 AM

      Oh, I didn't get that reply "now", but when I postet my comment (two years ago); As far as I got it, it's not possible to get replys from "Former Members", as if the do reply (first: login an accept) , they will be "un-formerized" ;-)

  • Feb 11, 2019 at 02:11 PM

    I found this blog really helped me out when I was trying to work with BRF+ and OPD. It was driving me crazy until I found something that actually gave examples. This was from 2014!

    My learnings in BRF+

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