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A Moment of Thanks During Community Manager Appreciation Day

Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD), it's a day to say thank you to some hard working folks who put forth a lot of effort day in and day out to help make online communities a great place to be. It's not about me, seems maybe a little self-serving considering my role, but today is a day reserved for others -- it's reserved for a great team that I have the pleasure to be part.

I simply want to take a moment to recognise the Community & Influencers team -- because you might not be aware of their hard work in getting the SAP Community back to where I believe it can be.

Getting the SAP Community back to where it needs to be is something I wrote extensively about in a blog post published a few weeks ago, so I won't rehash here. Instead, I'd like to draw attention to a blog post I wrote much further back -- in the summer of 2018, shortly after I took stepped into the role for SAP Community.

I'm talking about "Who's who, who can help?"

In that post, I list out the Community & Influencers team. And those are the people I'd like to salute today.

You may recognise some of the names. You may even consider them friends (one of the many benefits of community connections). Others you may not know. But in all cases, they are completely dedicated to making SAP Community the best destination in the enterprise software space.

Many have been around through the ups and downs of the relaunch (some where here back in the earliest days when the community was first introduced) and never wavered in their efforts to bring improvements. And while you may not be totally satisfied with our progress, if you could see how the Community & Influencers team operates behind the scenes, you would never doubt how much this community means to them!

It truly is an honour to work with them...and it's an honour for us all to serve SAP Community members. The team is here as advocates for all of you, it is your participation that makes this community possible and it is your passion that pushes the whole team. We are just getting started and look forward to tomorrow and every tomorrow after that!

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