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as news is breaking out...

sorry to hear about the 4,400 who need to think what's next for them. wishing everyone good luck and hopefully finding something at least as fulfilling as things SAP and thank you for those who have reached across and helped us out here in the SAP Community.

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  • Jan 30 at 03:14 PM

    What am i missing?

    • Jan 30 at 03:24 PM

      Google "SAP 4400" ...

      • Feb 04 at 08:30 AM

        I see.
        Lately i'm living in my own bubble due Electronic Invoicing and the wonderful and great work SAP is doing with that, so I'm not really active outside my work :\
        And in Italy we do not have such news, true story :(

    • Jan 31 at 06:56 PM

      Layoffs at SAP. It's all over the news / Twitter.

      I'm hoping this does not affect many good people we all know at SAP. Unfortunately, it's not unusual when a large company acquires other companies and that results in some human resource redundancies. Not implying this is the case (I simply don't know) but, from my experience, the news "Huge Company is laying off X people" frequently translates into "Huge Company bought a Slightly Smaller Company (SSC) not long ago and now that they've taken all they needed from it, they are letting go of all the remaining SSC employees".

      Really sucks for the employees nevertheless. You do a good job and then one morning get walked out the door. :(

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