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[Status Update] collecting stats on questions - again

Searching this site is now via the link and the previous link via onedx “” no longer works. This means the process I shared in my blog here no longer works “off the page”/“out of the box”.

So I set my own challenge to update the code from the blog and repeat the collection of Questions on this site. (Collecting answers is no longer possible due to the API being switched off)

Therefore I am left with collecting questions via the search engine from 10th Oct 2016 (start date of this site) to 25th Jan 2019. I collected over 142,000 questions via the SAP search engine into my HANA db running in the SAP Cloud Platform. I again used an old copy of SAP Lumira to analyse the data and I have combined the images to get around uploading multiple images to the coffee corner.

Images below labelled with (link to the image hopefully a bit bigger :))

1) Total questions per day with a default “running average” option with Lumira, which does indicate a slow decline in the number of questions per day. (red references lines running average for 18th of Jan for years 2017/18/19)

2) Shows total questions created by hour and that Wednesday 10am UTC is still the peak “Hour Of The Guru” and all Guru’s to be on standby for questions to be created on this site.

3) I missed a trick with a previous post on coffee corner and used a pie chart for question status. It makes more sense to use a Donut chart in coffee corner! The Donut chart indicates over 23% of questions have been marked as answered and only 3% closed.

The final chart is me trying out Lumira with some moving averages over long and short term to spot any long or short trends in the number of questions. All seem to indicate a slow down -365 yellow line, 50 purple line and 20 day moving average is the red line

4.png (178.9 kB)
moving365-50-20.png (180.2 kB)
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  • Jan 27, 2019 at 07:46 PM

    Gorgeous visualizations -- love how generous you are sharing your work visualizing SAP community data, using SAP tools.

    • Jan 27, 2019 at 09:04 PM

      Thanks for the comment Moya,

      It is great that SAP offer the tools free of charge, as I enjoy using them and I can invest my own time to learn.

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