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author's profile photo Jim Hawthorne

Please - a decent search engine

Hi folks - why on earth does looking for info have to be so complex on these boards -- often one goes round and round in circles (I've been using computers for years and also worked with complex things like patents so I understand about complex searches). The whole tagging scheme to me just seems totally bonkers and obertly complicated. The old SCN (if anybody can remember it) was fairly easy to navigate. Of course SAP itself as progressed hugely into all sorts of new areas that didn't exist back then or were experimental technology so I understand that a re-design was in order - but please a simple search with a dropdown giving the author and a few words or a title of the post as a list -- rather like say an email client like Ms Outlook's list. I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds navigating the community Forum a real Dogs Dinner of a mess.

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  • Jan 25, 2019 at 09:14 AM

    Simply use Google search like:

    search text
  • Jan 25, 2019 at 04:42 PM

    Hi Jim, just to brief you on the history: searching on SDN/SCN has been an issue as long as it existed. If memory serves, there have been at least 3 projects so far to "make search great again" but darn Google always seems to be ahead of the game on this. :)

    Sometime around 2009 I posted a comment on SDN that IMHO SAP should just fold on this and plug in Google search into their website. I still stand by that comment and feel SAP could've saved tons of money by offering just a basic nominal search.

    To search in Google, use addition. Or we can use to search specifically in the blogs. For a specific author, their profile would have links to all their content.

    By contrast, the SAP Support Launchpad team has done stellar job with their Expert Search for SAP Notes. However, they are also dealing with much better structured data than the SCN posts.

    I am curious though if lack of moderation will end up affecting the search results soon. Previously, some efforts were made to remove the poor quality content (one of the reasons - good data improves later search results). But then it was deemed "not nice", so right now anything goes. I guess the train of thought is that smarter search engines will automatically push down the low quality data, so it'll kind of be brushed under the carpet naturally and no one will see it. I'm wondering if this is actually working out. It might be too early to tell though. Personally, I didn't realize how awful 2008-2009 situation was until I started hitting that "link jungle" in searches 2 years later.

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