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moderation ethics and transparency

wow, if this isn't a part of some kind of 'moderation ethics' training, then i think it should be:

thank you, Craig S ( for being 'transparent'.

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Nov 30, 2016 at 06:17 PM


Can you please elaborate?

Thank you,

Moshe Naveh

Community Moderation lead

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Yeah... I'm not quite sure what was being communicated here.. But thanks... I think! :-)

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Ok. I think I figured it out... I believe he is referring to my comment that moderators can basically delete content from a space. And the fact that a moderator can report a posting and if they are a moderator for that tag, they can then agree with their own posting and block it.

I wouldn't think this would be a huge issue as I think and I hope, most of the moderators are ethical enough to not remove posting based on personal feelings about someone.

If this is shown to be a problem, there could be case made, that if a moderator reports a posting in one of their areas or responsibility, the review and blocking of the content has to go to a global moderator or another moderator for that area. The problem with it going to a global moderator is that global moderators may not have the depth of experience in a particular area to make an informed decision regarding the accuracy or quality of the posting. They may only be able to moderate from the prespecitve of whether the positng is grossly inapporopriate such as using certain language, being a personal attack, plagurised material, etc..

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Hi Moshe,

Both you and Craig have been more than helpful in helping me navigate the space and content here, but since i'm only a guest here and some of my content may not be too agreeable to the rest of the community and the platform owner, the rules about what can effectively be blocked or what not, should be clear.

At this point, it's only potential abuse that is in interest of the community to be avoided, but even though the platform is for free to posters like myself it takes effort to generate the content, especially if it's of technical nature. I realize that moderators invest a lot more time than the casual posters like myself do, but moderators do have more power over the content and if we want more quality posts, which i don't necessarily claim to have generated, then this should be clearly stated and not necessarily discovered when content is withheld for this or any other reason.

Thanks again for paying attention in the interest of the community and ecosystem at large.



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Hello Gregoy & Craig,

As the one leading moderation and the global moderators I can say that both are expected to involve others when they are uncertain about how to handle a specific content item or if they are lacking of knowledge to handle something.

If you feel there was a case when the ROE weren't enforced properly, please let me know.

We have plenty of team and moderation internal discussions about how to handle specific items. The most complicated cases are occasionally discuss in the moderation council.

Please let me know if any further assistance is required.



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