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Community Tag in Q&A - why all the updates and changes?

Several of you, who are active here as well will probably notice today a rather large amount of changes and updates to items entered under the "SAP Community" tag in the Q&A system. This was a result of an ongoing effort to ensure we are properly tracking and communicating to you open issues/bugs that have been reported.

Basically most all of the 2018 entries have been closed (if they were answered or outdated due to the numerous updates and changes) some items (answers to comments, comments to answers) were made, some answers were accepted as the right ones and some incorrect tags were changed.

The result were 9 open "BUG" reports are still pending and those are now being tracked and checked with the platform team to see if appropriate tickets have been opened and in the next "bug meeting" these will be reviewed (that takes place on the 21st) and prioritised.

Those items in the tag that were more conversational items were left alone and untouched. Some items were closed and a request for them to be added as improvement suggestions were made.

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  • Jan 11, 2019 at 05:55 PM

    Very timely post - I had just noticed some of the activity in my feed and this shed some light on it :)

    For the threads that are closed, and where it makes sense, do we also expect to see some of the more granular detail appearing in the wiki release notes?

    I had one of my [BUG] posts closed earlier today with missing profile avatars on notifications, and Oliver Kohl had commented about it being actively worked on in mid October, so I was simply trusting the process and being patient.

    I was curious about the closure justification of 'Problem is not reproducible or outdated', so I went to the release notes wiki and didn't see any SOC-xxxx or text in the release notes that was obvious to me when and where it was fixed. With some of the quiet time and community inactivity on my part over the holidays, my Notification channel has been a little quiet to begin with, but I haven't seen the issue recently. I guess I was simply curious about ticket/bug closure with justifications to connect the dots. It's entirely possible that some of the bulk changes made in December made my issue irrelevant and therefore outdated, but I had simply forgotten about it until the ticket was closed, which caused me to further investigate some of my entries.

    • Jan 11, 2019 at 06:06 PM

      Connecting the dots is still in process, also possible that it was corrected with something else and there was not a specific ticket associated (the bulk change stuff). The last months were hectic in general.

      If something is closed and not fixed holler otherwise as we connect the dots that information will be shared in our What's New section.

      In general though the plan is to make sure all the updates are made to the What's New section going forward.

    • Jan 11, 2019 at 10:31 PM

      The issue was fixed with the Activity Stream redesign. Yes, I should have tracked that and notified you, but thanks to Craig Cmehil for the cleanup and to you for bringing up the issues again.

  • Jan 14, 2019 at 08:44 AM

    I have checked my old bug reports and found that this particular one: was closed:

    Sorry, but the issue is still here, just checked again with my current Firefox ESR 60.4.0

    Please reopen it!

    bugrep.png (73.6 kB)
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