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Effect of missing e-mail notifications.

After some time in the new community I realized that it takes significantly longer time to get information from topic author about his question. In past with e-mail notifications it was about 15 minutes. Now it's more then 1 hour. The interaction is lost...

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Nov 22, 2016 at 09:00 AM
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Nov 22, 2016 at 10:16 AM

Totally....I agree on this! We need to search through the discussions for replies if the author has not commented back but answered on discussion! It becomes too tedious job...and sometimes irritating!

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One extra issue to mention in context of notifications:

When I go to the page with notification list I always have a long delay (5-10 seconds) before the list is shown. Very annoing!

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Yeah I agree.

I have no idea if someone replied on the discussion where I answered. I didn't receive any notification.

I hope all the notifications related on this will be back.

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Oh, but you can check the wibbly wobbly timey wimey activity stream! Don't you like it?!

A little trick-> under profile choose "my answers" and then click on the corresponding one to reach the question.

It's a pain because you do not know if there are replies or not, but at least you avoid all the crawling in the stream/tag.

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Are you serious?

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Mmmm.. i'm pretty less active right now than you so i'm using that trick.

You are way too much active for me (or what this site could handle) right now

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:-) I am not active at all compared to the old site!

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Same here. Unfortunately my Q&A activity reduced to "drive-by" answers lately and I don't know if the OPs even know anyone answered since they don't get an email either.

This whole checking notifications/activity or individual posts thing is not working at all. Don't know what were the new SCN designers thinking.

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Hi Jelena,

I am absolutely frustrated by the fact that when I ask OP for additional info (90% of cases) the reply will happen after hours or days. Perfect motivation to stop any activity...

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