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[Status Update] Day 2 working part time and from home

photo quality reduced to meet file upload restrictions

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Nov 22, 2016 at 05:30 AM

At least your dog doesn't collapse on your feet all the time! :D

When it happen to me to work from home, I got my little pest over my feet all the time!

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At least your pet does not collapse on the keyboard... :)

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LoL! No, thanks Cthulhu it avoids the table: it's strangely well educated and stay on the floor... or my feet

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usually he thinks himself a lap dog. He weighs 28kg. He likes sit use my foot as a head rest and a way to know if I'm going somewhere

This photo took a good 20 minutes of "leave it", "drop", "don't eat that", "no that's a cable" to finally "good boy", "nice settle"

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Colleen Hebbert
Nov 30, 2016 at 01:15 PM

Hey....but that's one cute boy! I love Labs....I had one too....lost her 3 yeras back...:(

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My cat always wants to sleep on the keyboard. :)

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My cat prefer soft seat :)

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Favorite places in order of preference - descending:

1. Behind laptop 1.

2. Under the desk (be careful with the chair).

3. As close as possible to the GPU cooler.

4. In front of laptop 2 (sits on the keyboard)

5. Behind laptop 2.

6. In front of laptop 1 (this one is smaller, there is no way to see the display).

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I love the fact that you have a diagram to explain this!

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