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Will we need to keep our personnal mirror of SAP KBA database ?


More and more notes are beeing reworked / updated and meanwhile… you just have to Sit And Pray !

The problem is that as a consultant you often need an immediate access to the information and notes can be keept in that status for a (too) long time (for instance the note on GDPR was stuck in that status for almost 2 weeks).

What can we do ? Build a vaccum script to mirror all notes, ask Mr Riministreet if he can do better ?

Ok you are supposed to receive “an email notification once the document is available again”

The bad thing is that the notification flow has been flooded with test messages last month (I've never created a 'Test Nina' quey, all these notifications are not mine).

SCN was terminated , ciritcal SAP notes are getting hard to reach…

Can SAP understand that all is not about marketing ?

I won’t talk about security… well, yes I will, have a look at that question

I won't talk about SSO errors on the support launchpad...

Am I the only one who needs to type his password at least 5 times a day even if have a valid certificate ?

Have a nice week !

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  • Oct 01, 2018 at 04:08 PM

    Sorry I did not find how to resize pictures, so my post just looks awful, but as it is talking about awful things... it fits ;-)

  • Oct 02, 2018 at 07:43 AM

    Already from the start of my career, I tried to do the following: whenever I come across a useful ("might need that again some day!") SAP-Note, I download it as PDF to my local drive.

    Now this doesn't help with "there's a new Problem, and the KBA is down", but it helps with "oh, there was a note on that!").

    I think it would be a really nice idea, to monitor & maybe - as you suggest - even mirror all newly-created/updated SAP-Notes.

    (Are they somehow available via RSS? That would be nice! Maybe in this "preview-version", that doesn't need an S-User? )



    • Oct 02, 2018 at 04:48 PM

      Hi Joachim,

      I'm keeping a personnal mirror of all intersting notes I found... but it's not possible to have all the important one...

      At least it did save my life few times when some notes where stuck in update status.

      It's ok for (very) old notes, but for recent ones (like the GDPR, or some on new tax declaration for Italy) it's a nightmare !

      Best regards

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