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Is there a thread for showing activity?

Does anyone know if there is a place that tracks activity?

QM (Quality Management) was never extremely busy, 3-8 questions a day. Now I'm lucky to see one a week.

It would be interesting to see a list of areas that have activity and how busy they are. I might monitor additional tags if I thought maybe related questions were going under other tags. But right now I have no way of knowing which tages are hot and which are not without hunting and pecking.

Any thoughts?

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Nov 17, 2016 at 01:56 PM

don't know if there is a tool for it, but a number of threads on the seemingly less activity have been posted since the upgrade. I think we all agree that there's a lot less activity on all topics. I can only speak for BW.


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I guess something like that should be available to the global moderators. Would be curious to see activity by tags. There are rumors of people posting questions using all kinds of odd tags, such as "SAP Forum".

Actually QM tag seems to be in a very bad situation now since there are so many tags that have "Quality" in the name. If someone posting a question and don't know the exact tag they have very little chance to find it. E.g. I've just tried posting a question and if you just type QM it asks to enter more characters. But if I keep typing "quality" here is what I get:

This is not even close. The list is huge and the QM tag is way down under... PLM. WTF is PLM? I have no idea. At least if the list was alphabetical it'd be on top but no, you get all the SAP... stuff. [facepalmslap]

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Check "Finance" one... you cannot find a suitable space...

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Oh boy... It looks like the trick is to type FIN in uppercase. Then it takes you to all the FIN... tags instead of searching for "infinity". Although I'm still confused which one of them is an equivalent of the old FI space. Maybe we need another Excel file with SCN spaces vs. tags.

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Yes, definitevely we need it.

I'm sure i misplaced a couple of questions.

As well there is a SAPUI5 community but the tag for question is the hyper-intuitive "UI Development Toolkit for HTML5".

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You are a "mentor" Jelena, push the button ;)

Make "SAP team" do something right! xD

Who will be the "father" of so many "tags" ?

KISS principle are DEAD here...

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What? No, they are still alive, under another shape...

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Oh Osvaldo... I'm afraid you severely overestimate the powers that SAP Mentors have over anything.

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does that power not include 'unpublishing' someone else's content? it's hard to prove, but i will be on the lookout now.

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Don't put salt on my wounds: don't mention 'FIN' :-o

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Yes. that is why I put in an idea in the idea place that the tags need to make sense as to what users actually use in every day converstation and usage. Not how they are classifed for some sales or marketing nomenclature.

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(am I missing something or does this fancy new site lack a facility to quote?)

"At least if the list was alphabetical it'd be on top but no, you get all the SAP... stuff."

But try searching for something that really does have a SAP... name: the technology officially known as "SAP Business Workflow" is now cleverly disguised as "NW ABAP Business Workflow" :-)

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Just a similar sample from the (quite exotic) SAP SQL Anywhere product (at least Jelena might know, if I remember one of her TechEd blogs correctly):

SQL Anywhere 16 Personal Server

I changed the tag of your question from "SQL Anywhere" to "SAP SQL 
Anywhere" so that it appears on English SQL Anywhere Community.
The "SQL Anywhere" tag is used for Japanese SQL Anywhere Community.

So someone decided that the smaller Japanese community gets the short tag, and the usual English community needs a longer one, absolutely counter-intuitive.

But I don't complain, we do have a working SAP-based forum outside the SAP community:)

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Hm, I'm not really sorry for messing up the comment format again, it just looked alright in preview, and I can't edit it now, for obvious reasons.

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hahahaha, why obvious reasons?. SAP "accept" the idea for edit comments, but do not "deliver" the changes yet. ¬¬

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