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author's profile photo Bhushan Hyalij

Feels good to be back... with a small question though.. :)

Hello everyone..

I have always been a follower/contributer/admirer of the community since SDN to SCN and now to and trying to get back to contributing again.

One of my areas of interests is Lumira. So when I searched for the community I got hit by this URL.

Which seemed perfectly fine. Then the other day I surfed to the Lumira products page and it also has an entry to Lumira community. which then jumps to (after clicking on Join Community link at the bottom) But the content is different, atleast in order

Which got me thinking, are these 2 communities for the same topic, or one tag and other a forum/community or am I just being ignorant and should read more about the new community site.

But hey.. doesn't harm to ask a question or start a conversation.. So humbly putting it out here.. :)

Cheers All!


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  • Sep 06, 2018 at 05:11 PM

    The product page you landed on,, has of course a link to a community area,, which in this case is simply a shortcut to all of the content tagged "Lumira". This should actually not be the case but rather linked to the actual "Community Page" for "Lumira" - I'll mention that to them! Generally there is either a page from the Product perspective (technical details, license, features, etc) or from the Community side (content, knowledge sharing, etc) the 3rd type are for more developer centric topics (getting started, free trials, etc) and you may have a developer page as well like this one for SAP Cloud Platform

    From the community side we are actually in the process of migrating a lot of those topic pages to our new community pages,, like that one for the SAP Cloud Platform. The goal of course is to give a more central collection of information to save you time in finding what you need from a particular perspective. You've basically come back in the middle of lots of transitions and shifting.

    • Sep 06, 2018 at 09:01 PM

      Thanks Craig,

      I guess I will hang around to witness the betterment :).

      Shouldn't all the content flagged under Lumira tag be displayed in Lumira community as well? Its the difference in content that confused me. This may be under construction and I have bookmarked both pages so I should not miss any questions.



  • Sep 06, 2018 at 06:24 PM

    Welcome back! :)

    Not sure what is the purpose of the first "community" page under Lumira product page. I can only guess is that's where someone wanted to feature some content and place a link to the Lumira tag on SCN.

    As you might've heard, these days there are no "forums" or "communities" but only tags on what used to be SCN and is now called SAP Community (which is a very bad choice of a name IMHO).

    The last link in your post is the Lumira tag, so if you wanted to ask/answer questions or to post a blog that's where you'd go these days. Personally, I've bookmarked the shortcuts to the Q&A in tags I'm interested in and for blogs I use RSS feed.

    And if you have questions about SAP Community website in general then feel free to post them in - ding-ding-ding! - SAP Community tag. :)

    • Sep 06, 2018 at 09:09 PM

      Thanks Jelena,

      I think, the structure could have been simpler and easy to navigate. I also see a lot of former spaces have either been removed or merged with much broader spaces/tags/communities which are not easy to find. e.g BusinessObjects .NET/JAVA SDK spaces. I don't want to sound nagging but just my experience of browsing this new world past week.:)

      Probably the team is already working on that and I hope for the best.



      • Sep 07, 2018 at 07:09 PM

        Hahaha! Welcome to the club! :) There have been many discussions shortly after migration in 2016 regarding the tag structure and names. I couldn't agree more with you that it can be simpler and here simpler = better. From what I've heard, we actually started with 3000+ tags but then at least some of them were eliminated (as too granular or redundant) and some "topic pages" were created.

        I actually doubt this is still an ongoing effort and many tag names still don't make any sense. For example, a popular FI forum is hiding behind cryptic FIN name. And while PLM has a tag with PLM in it, ILM has a very long tag name with ILM not abbreviated but spelled out.

        Well, this is what you get when marketing is in charge of the tags. I can go on about this forever but if you have any further questions or suggestions, feel free to peruse the tag I mentioned above.


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