RANT: Brother, help thyself! (or "Q&A does not mean you Q&A")

Just curious...I am noticing this more and more.....folks asking questions will respond back to their own question and mark it as "best answer" (and often, its not an answer but more questions). WTF?!??!? Is this some new way they are trying to game the system? It is VERY annoying and if anything turned me off from posting and trying to help in questions before, this has wrenched it up ten fold now.


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Aug 24 at 09:55 PM

Hi Chris,

I saw the thread that you're talking about. It looks to me like the OP probably got confused, or possibly mis-clicked, because his answer that he marked correct isn't an answer at all, but further questions directed at the other person who responded. In short, I doubt it was nefarious in intent, and commenting to the OP about it is likely the best course at this point. That, and I went ahead and up-voted the other answer.

If the OP never responds with why they did that, or never corrects it, then I would suggest hitting the Alert Moderator and let the mods for that topic area deal with it.


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No! It wasn't just ONE post.....I have been seeing this for like a month or so now. I just finally commented on that one. haha

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I have seen a lot of questions like you are talking about. I have only one solution in the tags I am participating: I explain the user that I will stop answering his questions :)

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There's a bit of a bug, I believe, that prevents new posters from commenting on answers, hence they answer instead of commenting.

But I think mostly is that the posters don't really understand how the site is supposed to work. If I see people answering where they should comment in my moderation area, I convert it to a comment.

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I think the issue here is not that they post it as an answer, but mark their answer as the correct one. Even if it's meant as a comment to others.

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If they're attempting to game the system, then they're in for a disappointment -- because you can't earn karma points by accepting your answer to your own question. If anyone discovers otherwise, please let me know so I can alert the right people.


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What?! Meanie SAP!
And the poor me trying to get high karma because it gives free cookies and a picture of Bill McDermott cheekly winking at me!

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I understand that it's not the case here, but in general I think it's perfectly valid to: 1. Ask a question/post a Problem you have

2. keep on working/thinking on this topic

3. come up with a solution yourself (Maybe writing the question down helped you with it? -> Structure you thoughts and that like)

4. Post this solution as an answer.

5. Mark this answer as correct.


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Yes....in that case, perfectly acceptable. In most others, where they post back something like "Thanks friend....it worked!" and then mark that as the answer....no!

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Christopher Solomon

Hi Sir,

I am stuck with a problem in forms and processes. Please guide if you have time. I have created a question. Here's the link. Am xtremely sorry am sending you a message in the wrong blog. Its just that I dont know how to send you a personal message. Apologies.



Vishal Agrawal

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vishal agrawal

The correct way to ask some particular member to help you is to use @ with member name in the question text. The mentioned member will be notified.

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You are talking about SAP Community in some parallel Universe :) May be one per hundred questions is answered like in your example.

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-cough- i'm faulty on that

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To be fair, how are people even supposed to understand what they're doing on this website? This is what the buttons look like for the OP:

We all know what "Accept" does only because we've been on SCN before and we've been somewhat active. To an occasional user I bet the whole "Accept" is quite confusing. (And they're likely unaware of the "best answer" importance.) I could've easily interpret this as just some sort of redundant submit button. Or as "OK, I kinda like this answer".

I frequently see in the notifications that my answer is accepted but then it's not. And it really shouldn't have been. I bet what's happening is OP clicks "Accept" thinking they can "accept" multiple answers but then realize what really happens.

scn.jpg (6.5 kB)
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By the way, the order of buttons is also confusing: first we have very rarely used "Share" and only after it "Accept"

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Exactly. Never used "Share" button. It just generates a link to the answer. Who would need a link to just an answer without a question? Just copy the link to the whole post and be done with it.

Before 2016 on both SDN and SCN the buttons for correct answer were more prominent. Still many people didn't close their questions. :) But at least I didn't see many cases when my answer was first marked and then unmarked.

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I also see this strange behavior: "my answer was first marked and then unmarked"

New users are investigating the purpose of this button :)

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Well, I do sometimes use the Share-button to get a link for a specific answer or comment, esp. in looooong threads if I want to point people at one particalur comment instead of just linking to the page and they then have to scroll down and try to find it themselves. It also comes in handy for comments like "see my comment upthread for more details".

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I am not talking about complete removal of the button "Share". In some rare cases it can be useful. But "Accept" button has to be the first in the list and may be with longer name like "Accept Correct Answer" to avoid confusion. For example, we have "Alert Moderator", not simply "Alert" :)

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