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for those willing to share their knowledge SAP wiki still remains the place to go that has survived two SCN upgrades fairly intact so far:☆tIndex=0&lastModified=LASTYEAR&where=conf_all

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Nov 14, 2016 at 05:05 PM

Oh, how come? The Demolition man didn't get there?

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maybe he or she did, but wrecking balls are not that great at demolishing basements, so there it is.

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I will admit that with the combination of Jive documents, blogs, and the discussion forums, I had more or less put the wiki well into my rear view mirror - favoring more of a collaboration model within the SCN Jive community (use case was the SAP Fiori space, with the All Things SAP Fiori document and all of the curated content on the topic).

With some resistance and reluctance, you will see the recreated content in the link above - this became mandatory with the move to our new best of breed community, because the alternative would have been read-only archive documents.

Although it is another site with manual login/SSO, the wiki does have email notifications and the ability to watch a page or space, so you can stay plugged in to your favorite content or focus areas.

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