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[STATUS UPDATE] SAP take care of your mental health

Ok, my grandmother suffers Alzheimer so in the future it could be i'll be suffer too but.

And SAP cares about it already!

Thanks SAP for telling me i answered my own question!

I could miss it....

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Nov 14, 2016 at 07:55 AM

Well, at least you can 'mark it as read' and have a permanent reminder of your self-answered question :)

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It also gently reminds me that I've just liked this discussion. And somehow it is called "upvoted", even though the button says "Like":

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Lol . funny as hell !

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Simone - Are you sure you even asked it in the first place ? Early onsets display some sense of paranoia - could it be that some one is asking the question for you ??


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Oh my! But this is real or we are just holograms?

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Back in 1997, the theory of a holographic universe was first introduced by physicist Juan Maldacena, who theorized that gravity arises from thin, vibrating strings that exist in nine dimensions of space and another of time, whereas real life exists in a universe without gravity. The comparison to the hologram is frequently made because of the way a hologram is created; it’s a three-dimensional image coded onto a two-dimensional surface. The theory suggests that the universe is built in a similar fashion, the higher dimensional part coded onto a flatter, lower dimensional part. So, on a hologram, only one part is tangible — the lower dimensional surface onto which the hologram is coded. The holographic image, though, merely looks three-dimensional. You can’t, for example, touch it with your fingers. Now, pretend that’s the structure of the universe.

Are you shimmering or is that my eyes ?
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