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[Status update] Hot phase of big IDM project starts now... fingers crossed!

At the moment the most important step is being done: backup of the current database


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Nov 11, 2016 at 01:13 PM

Lost a whole DAY, because the dispatcher apparently forgot he was already started yesterday evening! Now it's running again from the beginning without me even touching it! What the heck?!

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Oh gosh...

Good luck man :)

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Whole weekend lost now. This is going great...

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So, what's happening now?
Sorry for the lost weekend...

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Today we got the job working (so we lost 3 days). Now fingers crossed, that it's not stopping or restarting again and done on Thurstday evening. Then we have a whole day for after-migration tasks AND tests. Instead of the 4 days we had planned for that. :)

We CAN still keep the time if this works out. If not, there goes my weekend... again...

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........ :(

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Free weekends are highly overrated :)

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Yeah well... after 14 hours again the job decided to call it quits. -.-

Now I check which tables were fully migrated and disable those passes (steps) in the job to then start it again so it may migrate some more. And then rinse and repeat.

It would be awesome if each disable action wouldn't take several minutes...

And so there goes my weekend. Yippie! ;(

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so, how did it go?

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The jobs are finally through. Now on to post-migration stuff and then... testing! Yaaaay!

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