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Michael Appleby is now Agentry_SRC (at least for the time being) with both profiles linked

Hi All,

For those who are not yet aware, my position at SAP has been eliminated and my current ID (michael.appleby) will no longer work after August 9, 2018. Really glad that I got my 10 year anniversary gift award just a short while ago. Love my new George Foreman grill.

Recent times notwithstanding, it was a mostly enjoyable time for those 10 years, 1 month, and 17 days. Not sure what my participation level will be going forward or whether I will be working another job at another company. But I am going to remain a Moderator for the time being and for whatever that role means now.

Cheers, Mike

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Jul 31 at 06:31 PM

Glad to know you'll be around for a bit.

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Matthew Billingham
Aug 01 at 01:12 PM

Hi Matthew,

I really have no clue what I am going to be doing, so for the moment, I will relax and reflect on my options, and lurk a bit. And pull a lot of weeds, clean up the attic and basement and all those other honey-do list items.

Cheers, Mike

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Glad you're still with us, Mike! SCN is so addictive, even Stephen Johannes comes back occasionally from outside of the SAP universe. :)

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welcome to your last day and hope the exit from the building goes as well as it can

so happy to see you remaining active!

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Mike, it was always a pleasure to work with you "behind the scenes" of the SAP Community. You know where to find me...


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Hi Jim,

You were my guiding light when I first became a moderator and I still appreciate your curmudgeonly insights into how the community worked.

Cheers, Mike

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