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Jim's blog posting tip number 3: have a catchy title

I know this tip is more of an art than science, advertising is still a big business run by bot lede typers (yet).

What is catchy in one dialect or slang or idiom or culture may be incomprehensible in another. But plunge on, as sometimes the obfuscation draws a crowd.

If your subject is a transient event maybe a blog title doesn't matter as much as an exploration in a new subject area. Communicating your theme or story on 3 or 4 key words can be done leveraging material such as professional journals (like the venerable acm - association for computing machinery ) and peers/pioneers in similar areas.

I, myself, would check with a writer with a new perspectiveI trust, such as Blag (Alvaro Tejada).

One I wrote in the past when I worked on printers had "press" in the title. Small play on words.

Here, "presses" is also a verb.

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