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Jim's blog posting tip number 2: screenshot clarity

It's me, Jim, with a P number instead of an S number.

Continuing with blog posting tips - keep you screenshots clear and simple. When asking a question, this matters less as readers can usually figure out from the context where you are. Depending on browser rendering, you might end up with illegible captions in a post where you want clarity. Examples follow from Emanuel, who was kind enough to ask for advice.

I broke this into 3 separate smaller images, after noting the above was hard to read (and zooming on breaks up the flow).

(can only attach 2 total... so here's the 3rd):

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  • Jun 28, 2018 at 02:36 PM

    Good tip. It's been my pet peeve as well when people just take a screenshot of their whole SAP screen and post it as is. Even Paint, which still comes standard with Windows 10, can easily cut a smaller piece out of the screenshot.

    Also we've been pointing out this issue on SCN for a while that when an image is clicked on it does not open a larger picture. This is how it works on many other sites (and SCN before 2016). There is a way to open larger image by using the right-click menu or similar but, judging by the comments in some blogs, I'm not the only one who would like to see a full size image just by clicking on it.

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