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Thread to gauge interest in blog post topics to write about

Hi Folks!

Whenever I have a rough idea for a new blog post, I'm wondering if there's any interest in the topic and if time spent on writing it will be time well spent. Guessing that this is the same for others as well, I hope that this thread might help all of us to get some initial feedback about blog post ideas.

I'll kick things off with my first idea in the first comment.



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Jun 26 at 06:56 AM

I noticed several new questions and discussions regarding "how to find unused programs" and quite by coincidence have just created some code to help answer that question. I'm aware that there are already many answers out there and possibly also some blog posts, but I'm wondering if a new blog post might be of interest to list and explain some available options (at least the ones I'm aware of).

Any thoughts on this?

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Hi Bärbel,
a quick first thought on this issue: no need for a blog post, I think the answer is SCMON:

But the blog post might be warented if you want to explain cases like "if you cant use SCMON (e.g. low release), those are your next-best options:"


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I'd be very interested in anything that applies to ABAP below 7.4. Even though we might finally upgrade this year, we still have months to go and it might be postponed.

As a side note, I'd read anything you feel like writing about. :)

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I think its a great idea. But I'm not sure the coffee corner is going to provide the feedback needed. There probably isn't enough people with the knowledge of a particular area to really give targeted advice. So for instance, I'd have no idea of what might make a good blog for ABAP. Or maybe if there is already a ton of question and blogs already out there for the topic.

Maybe if we could "pin" a topic somewhere in a tagged discussion we could ask users of the area to make suggestions or create a wish list? But with the current tag system I'm not sure how you keep such a discussion at the top of the list without commenting on it everyday.

Another option might be to create a new action called "Blog request" that could be sent to the moderators for the tag. Then they could maybe post the request into a discussion they would know about which would push that discussion back to the top of the activity screens.

Not sure how to really do this over the long term and keep it going in a way to get good value from it.

I really like the idea though.

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I agree, this is a great idea. It's sad that Coffee Corner is practically our best tool at the moment.

Ideally, there should be some technology based solution for this. For example, on Reddit, there are bots that can, for example, remind someone about a post they marked or help to format URL properly. So you'd just create a "Blog about this" bot, which could be easily called in a comment and collect this kind of information.

But I guess it's naive to expect technology on a website owned by a technology company. If only SAP was a brewery...

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